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Monday, January 2, 2012

Snow in Finland--Finally!

I realize that for those of you in MUCH of the U.S. snow is just not that big of a deal, but here in Helsinki it's been the great missing ingredient (head about 100 miles north and it's everywhere).  Not only did I have ridiculous expectations about how cold it would be living here, but it seems like me as well as everyone else pretty much expected us to be dealing with snow days from sometime in November--and to hear many Finns say it, the earlier the better.  Other than a brief flurry of frozen condensation at the end of November, though, we've had nothing--just ice and rain and more rain.  (It's been very Dublinesque.)  Now, even though I know that no snow = no ice = no me falling on my butt, I've been wondering when I'd get to experience anything that I might not have dealt with in SC.

Well, this afternoon I looked up from my computer, wondering my it was getting so dark (and saying it's dark in an Helsinki winter is saying something).  Snow!  I was so inspired I actually popped open my bedroom window and took a video of it.

Unfortunately the weather is supposed to go back to above freezing for the rest of the week, but it's sure nice to see this now.

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