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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Collegium Video

It turns out that the Collegium has a Facebook and YouTube site.  They've actually got a pretty good introductory video posted here, and guess who makes an appearance about 2:50 into the video?

Enjoy!  I'm off to pick up my Russian visa.


Little addendum here.  I came back from getting my Russia visa to find a note asking me if it was okay to feature this video on the Collegium website (You can only link here, since they haven't gotten everything sorted on YouTube yet.).  Other than my inevitable complaints about my appearance, I actually think it's a pretty good video, especially since I was talking off the top of my head and knew I had only 5 minutes to present ALL of my research.  Another thing that's good about it is that it gives the introduction by one of our Assistant Directors explaining what this craziness is that we're doing.

Now in celebration of making it through the video, I'm off to eat lunch.  Yes, I appreciate the irony.

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