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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ted goes to the Collegium

Actually, Ted's first day at the Collegium was yesterday, but after a long day in front of the computer, I just couldn't face blogging.

As you might imagine, Ted was quite pleased with himself when he got "dressed" for work.  (Please note, Kim, that he's wearing one of the new, Helsinki scarves that you gave him.) :-)

We then walked across the park to the tram, which Ted handled like a pro even though he'd only been on one twice before.

He just settles down between my legs and watches the world go by.  Usually after a stop or so, he even lays down.  Yesterday he was laying down when some college students wearing shorts got on and stood right in front of him.  I don't even know if they noticed him until he leaned forward and licked one of the guy's legs!  The guy looked back, startled, and started cracking up.  I'm glad he was so cheerful because Ted moved so fast I couldn't stop him.

Once we got into the office, I unloaded everything in the office, picked up his water bowl to fill, and headed off to introduce him.

He got quite the reception since it appears that many of the staff themselves have dogs and you know how much he hates people.  In fact, I finally had to keep him from flopping over so much for belly rubs and petting because I was worried about what the slippery floor might do to his knee if he pushed it too much.

Other than Ted's introductions, and a couple of fellows stopping by the say hi to him later in the day, it was pretty much a normal day in the office: I got a sore tush from sitting so long at the computer and Ted supervised.

Ted shared some bananas for lunch, and we strolled down to one of the market squares--it's about 3 blocks from the Collegium--to pick up some vegies and chat to a nice lady that we met there at the end of last week.  (While I'm losing weight as usual in Europe, I think Ted's put a little on, so it was time to supplement with green beans again--expensive supplement here!!)

Then about 6:30 we piled back onto the T3 (I try to avoid rush hour and the trams when I have Ted) for another exciting evening of dinner, hanging out on the balcony, and watching the X-Files.  I think, if everything keeps working so smoothly, I'll let him come in with me a few days a week as long as it's not raining or the weather is not too crazy in general.

That being said, I probably pushed and indulged him too much yesterday because let's just say I found out that his tummy wasn't quite right when I got back to the apartment today.  Green beans, bananas, treats from staff, a rawhide, and his fish oil tablet ... what a surprise that his tum was upset. :-)  So Ted's on Pepto Bismol, I've rediscovered that Listerine makes a wonderful cleaner as well as antiseptic, and I'm sitting here laughing about coming down from my traveler's high with a crash!

We're off to the balcony.

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