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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Musings for the Day

Today was pretty much how I imagine most days will be here: get up, putter, take the tram into work, chat with people in the Collegium, and start working.  In other words, nothing big to report unless it's the amazingly clear reception my broadcasts of "This American Life" get over the wifi in my office.  (I've also just started my 9-season set of the X-Files.  I'd forgotten just how good season 1 was!)  Tomorrow, though, will be Ted's first visit to the Collegium, so that should be quite the odyssey.  (Just noticed that His Majesty is lounging on the bed in recovery from his first bath, in other words, pre-debutant preparations.  Poor baby will not appreciate it when I make him go out again tonight.) 

With that in mind, I figured today I'd just post some of the weird musings I've had and other observations I've made since I came here.

1.  I've come to the conclusion that I'm losing whatever linguistic ability I might have had because I'll be d-d if I can figure out anything with Finnish.  Yes, I know that it's an agglutinizing language, and all my previous language experience doesn't apply, but it does drive me na-nas when I can't even remember how to say "I'm sorry" or "Excuse me," much less some of the names of folks at the Collegium.  My total vocabulary remains "hi" (hei or moi) and "thank you" (kiitos).

2.  One advantage of foreign internet connections: the NYTimes' limit of 20 articles a month doesn't seem to apply!

3.  Please explain to my why I choose to move to Europe the year the dollar takes a dive.

4.  What is WITH the price of shampoo and conditioner in Finland?!  I mean basic stuff can cost 6-7 Euros ($11-14) a ca. 12-oz. bottle; you don't even want to think about the price of Redken, Bed Head, etc.  Even dog shampoo is affected; in fact, it's worse: small bottles of dog shampoo seem to run 12-19 Euro, that is, $17-35!!  Thank goodness, I found some Head and Shoulders for Ted (best dog shampoo out there!) for all of $7 Euros.  The Finns have lovely, clean hair, so they must have a special budget for hair products.  :-)  I mean, I can buy a decent bottle of wine for less than conditioner!  (Maybe I should just drink the wine and forget about the hair?)

5.  It is true that the Finns have a lot of American TV programs, but I do have a bone to pick about the shows that the stations choose.  The Simpsons, Criminal Minds, and Glee are fine, but do Finns really need to learn about America from such sterling examples as Bridezillas!?!  Agh!

6.  I've decided the university is almost too secure for me to handle.  In order to leave the hall where my office is located, that is, to go to the bathroom, I have to press an exit button to unlock the door at the end of the hall.  Took me a few minutes to figure that one out!  If the power ever goes out, I'm doomed. :-)

7.  Is it just me, or does this lady look way too happy about her fire extinguisher?  (This is next to a fire extinguisher hanging across the hall from my office.)

On that cheery note, I'm off to bed.  Wish me luck with Ted tomorrow!  (And no rain.  I absolutely refuse to bring him in if it's raining.  An office smelling like wet dog.  Yuck.)

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