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Friday, April 13, 2012

Why I Have to be Careful in my Office

As many of you know, Ted's been lucky enough to be able to come to the office with me this year, and he loves it!  Not only does he view the trams as wonderful places where he gets the maximum attention and petting with the minimum effort, but he has his whole group of people that he gets very excited to see.  Yes, Anu, William, Rogier, Minna, Maija, Anne, Sveta, Maria, and Andrei's 5-year-old daughter all get their wags and even sometimes excited woofs when they come near the door.  (The last 3 are special favorites!)  In fact, I've had to teach him that not everyone needs to be greeted at all times, a bit of a project actually.  Ted's so concerned to keep an eye on everything that he's recently started sleeping in a new spot and I thought I'd share it with you.

Yes, that's Ted's head right in the doorway.  Thank goodness, I don't get any cross-breezes that could slam the door shut!  I find it particularly funny because he can see everything and anyone in the entire hallway from that angle AND his head is about 2 inches from where the elevator doors open.  In other words, anyone who takes the elevator up into our hallway is greeted with a dog head and muffled thumps from his tail.

Good thing the staff here all like him! :-)

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